Equipment Specifications

The SPAR Lab has the following equipment:

  1. DASnovaTM Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing System (Sentex Instrument LLC)
  2. SM125 Interrogator  (Micron Optics)
  3. 16-channel si255-16-ST/160-NO Interrogator (Micron Optics)
  4. AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer  (Yokogawa)
  5. Neubrescope NBX-7020  (Neubrex)
  6. Agilent 83437A Broadband Light Source (Agilent)
  7. S5FC1550S-A2 Benchtop Superluminescent Light Source (THORLABS)
  8. RSV-150 Laser Vibrometer  (Polytec)
  9. 2020i NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner (NextEngine Inc.)
  10. Samos Micro II Acoustic Emission System with 16 R and 8 F Sensors (Physical Acoustics)
  11. Land Magnetometer G-857 (Geometrics)
  12. Digital Magnetometer DM-050 (STL)
  13. SIR 3000 Ground Penetrating Radar  (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.)
  14. Rapid Chloride Test (Germann Instruments)
  15. CANIN+ Corrosion Analyzing Instrument (Proceq)
  16. Interface1000E Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA (Gamry Instruments)
  17. PHS-25 Potential of Hydrogen (pH) Meter (Made in China)
  18. 3541-0030-150T-ST Clip-on-Gage (Epsilon Technology Corp)
  19. 3541-0020-500T-ST Clip-on-Gage (Epsilon Technology Corp)
  20. High-temperature Furnace (Made in China)
  21. Thermostatic: Kewei DH-250 (Made in China)
  22. PosiTest AT-M Manual Adhesion Tester (ABQIndustrial)
  23. MTEST200VT Micro-tensile Tester (GATAN)
  24. PI 85L SEM PicoIndenter (Hysitron Inc.)
  25. 562 ULTRAlign Precision Linear Stage (Newport)
  26. ILS100HA High Performance Linear Stage (Newport)
  27. RVS80CC Rotation Stage (Newport)
  28. ESP301-2N Motor Controller/Driver (Newport)
  29. Instron 5965 Low Capacity Load Frame  (Instron)
  30. Instructional Shake Table II (Quansar)
  31. Electrodynamic Exciter K2075E040 (The Modal Shop, Inc.)
  32. Synergy P High Speed Data Acquisition (Hi-Techniques)
  33. Desktop Workstation Precision T7600 (Dell)